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Free Consultation

30 Minute session with a registered WHS officer.

  • 30 min
  • Free
  • Online (Zoom)

Cancellation Policy

WHS Guardian is committed to supporting small businesses in maintaining a safe and compliant workplace. We offer a free WHS consultation service to eligible businesses to help them navigate and implement effective Work Health and Safety practices. Eligibility Criteria To qualify for the free WHS consult service, a business must meet the following criteria: 1. Business Size: The business must have fewer than 10 workers. 2. Compliance History: The business must have no prior convictions under the Work Health and Safety (WHS) Act. 3. Fair Work Commission Outcomes: The business must have no adverse outcomes from the Fair Work Commission. By submitting this request, the PCBU confirms that they meet the eligibility criteria. Penalty for Ineligibility If it is discovered after the fact that a business did not meet the eligibility criteria and received a free consultation, a penalty of $500 will apply. This penalty is to cover the cost of services provided under false pretences. Contact Information For questions or assistance with the application process, please contact WHS Guardian's customer service team: - **Phone**: 1300 183 984 - **Email**: - **Website**: By adhering to this policy, WHS Guardian ensures that our free WHS consult service is provided to deserving small businesses, helping them maintain a safe and compliant workplace.

Contact Details

2 Manor Cres, Chilcotts Grass NSW 2480, Australia

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